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Release Date : Late 2020

Platforms : PC

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MediEvil meets Jak & Daxter in Pumpkin Jack!

Pumpkin Jack is a single-player 3D platformer game where you embody Jack, the mythical Pumpkin Lord. Journey through a vast kingdom, fight monsters with your dazzling powers, and dive into an epic quest for the right to your own life.

 Pumpkin Jack is a 3rd Person Perspective game that mixes game mechanics such as platforming, combat, and puzzles in a dark, spooky, cartoon fantasy setting. The game will consist of a 6-7 hours solo campaign targeting both casual players and more experienced adventure gamers.

The game seeks to update the extremely popular early 2000s-era 3D platformers with today’s technology and a fun new license. By utilizing this proven style of rich, addictive gameplay, Pumpkin Jack will appeal to the nostalgic fans of those games while also introducing the style to new players.


Once upon a time, in the Boredom Kingdom… It was boring. The Devil himself was dreadfully bored…

So the Devil devised a plan to torment those pitiful, boring humans : he unleashed the Curse of the Eternal Night, a spell that awakened bloodthirsty monsters across the realm!

The humans called upon a masterful wizard, the only sorcerer powerful enough to put an end to the Curse…

The Devil, enraged, retaliated by summoning the soul of Jack into the skin of a pumpkin. He then sent Jack to the kingdom with one mission : FIND and DESTROY the wizard!



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