[DEMO] Pumpkin Jack DEMO is OUT & FREE !

Pumpkin Jack 3D Adventure Platformer

[DEMO] Pumpkin Jack DEMO is OUT & FREE !

Demo Pumpkin Jack

You can download the DEMO by clicking right here!


I have been working on Pumpkin Jack for 2 years as a solo-dev and it is now time to release my first playable version of the game!

The time has come for me to present the game, as I think Pumpkin Jack is advanced enough to be enjoyable. I would love to hear what you thought about your playthrough, so let me know your feedback via mail (pumpkinjackgame@gmail.com) or join our Discord server (link below).

Feel free to record and upload your gameplay and share it with your friends or community on YouTube/Twitch! (Please be kind :D)

I will also share any video you made & sent to me on the Pumpkin Jack Discord 🙂


Pumpkin Jack is a single-player 3D platformer video game where you embody Jack, the mythical Pumpkin Lord.
Journey through a vast kingdom, fight monsters with your dazzling powers, and dive into an epic quest for the right to your own life!
Feel the nostalgia of old platformers such as “MediEvil” and “Jak & Daxter” in a SOLO-DEV project!

To know more about Pumpkin Jack universe, check THIS PAGE!


The demo is a preview of what the game offers through a ~15 minutes gameplay… So go ahead and get ready to incarnate Jack!
Please keep in mind
that this is not the final version of the game. The features you will encounter may change when the game is released.

In the future, you can expect more abilities, enemies, puzzles, bosses and much more levels!
Do not forget to write your e-mail at the endscreen of the demo, so you can receive the next updates & keep helping me make this game a 3D platformer reference!



Wanna talk with the community about it? Come and join our Discord!