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Development Blog 2

Welcome to the second Devlog of Pumpkin Jack, featuring the Dark Woods!

You really enjoyed the first Devlog, and that’s why I’m doing a second one! Today, we’ll talk only about the Dark Woods,
which is the level I’m currently working on. Are you ready to see everything new Pumpkin Jack has to offer? Let’s go!
Today, we’ll focus a bit more on animations…

[Obviously, this devlog is not featuring everything, as I want you to discover the game while playing it!]




You may have seen this horse before, but he’s even better now. This horse wanders around the Dark Woods, but you must accomplish something worthy of a hero if you want him to help you. I tried as much as I could to make an interesting race, and I think I succeeded. This video only showcases the run animation of the horse, as I thought it would be interesting to show you how it works behind-the-scenes!
[Don’t worry, the horse race gameplay is right below.]

While you’re waiting to try it out, why wouldn’t you take a closer look at what the horse looks like?


This race is… Kinda like the horse one, but with new things. It’s like a Deluxe Collector Lootbox Edition of the Horse race. In this gameplay, Jack losts its head and has to follow the naughty guys who dared to do this skullduggery. Will you be able to help Jack avoid those magic spells?


The last Devlog didn’t feature any minigame, whereas every level contains several minigames…  Let’s catch up by showing a single, lonely screenshot of the Dark Woods minigame! Yes, those are supercool, so I’m not going to show you anything more. The only thing I can say is that I love this minigame, and I know you’ll love it too! Just a clue: your ears will be put to the test.



I had to think about what kind of monsters could live in an Dark Woods full of mysteries. Obviously, lots of adventurers try to unveil the buried treasures hidden in the Forest. Hence, there’s no better hunting ground for wolves than those dark woods.


The wolves are not the only hungry monsters in the wild! Spiders are usually crawling in caves but tonight, they built their web traps and won’t let Jack go through without a fight! Well, what they don’t know is that Jack doesn’t care at all and will cook porridge out of their flesh.


Who are they? Bad guys. What’s sure is that they’ll blast off at the speed of light! Those spooky creeps live in the forest and mislead the unwary traveler…

The concept art for those guys came from the idea that I wanted to have a couple. Indeed, it’s a weird couple. The intention behind the man is that he’s supposed to be a kind of “blackmarket” trader, while his wife is an old, crippled witch. Do you think the drawings correspond to my intention?




I’ve already shown you the sword in the last Devlog, but not in the hands of Jack. Well, in the hands… Not really, but you get the point.


I don’t know if you’re interested in this kind of informations, but I think it’s pretty important in a Devlog to not only show the visuals, but also to show what happens once the level design, the 3D models, the animations etc… are done. Just tell me if you want to see more of this kind of things and I’ll try to show you more in the next devlogs!

This screenshot shows the profiler, which is a tool made by Epic Games in Unreal Engine, which allows to record a gameplay sequence and make statistics out of it. The graphic on the top (with blue and red heights) is a preview of the recorded sequence, which lasts around ~5 seconds. It allows me to check (on each frame) the calculations of the CPU and which blueprint/actor/function could be too intensive. After discovering what is the problem, I can make adjustments and correct my bad programming to obtain more FPS!

In the morning, I was running the game at 60FPS in fullscreen. By the end of the day, I was at 145FPS.

This is the end of Devlog #2. Thanks for reading!

I really hope you liked what you saw, because I’m pretty proud of what I achieved in the last month.
I plan on doing one level per month, so you’ll probably see lots of new things in the next devlog!


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Stay tuned for the next updates & devlog!