Pumpkin Jack 3D Adventure Platformer


Welcome to the second Devlog of Pumpkin Jack, featuring the Dark Woods! You really enjoyed the first Devlog, and that’s why I’m doing a second one! Today, we’ll talk only about the Dark Woods, which is the level I’m currently working on. Are you ready to see everything new Pumpkin Jack has to offer? Let’s…
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Hi there and welcome to the #1 Devlog of Pumpkin Jack! I’ve been thinking about doing a Devlog for a long time now but I’ve never found the time for it. However, I’ve got too many things to say to you! In this first Devlog, I’m going to talk about all the things I did…
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[DEMO] Pumpkin Jack DEMO is OUT & FREE !

You can download the DEMO by clicking right here! THE DEMO I have been working on Pumpkin Jack for 2 years as a solo-dev and it is now time to release my first playable version of the game! The time has come for me to present the game, as I think Pumpkin Jack is advanced…
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Join the Discord server !

Join the Pumpkin Jack Discord ! Follow the creation of the project through wonderful screenshots and exclusivites like testable demos ! Thanks all for your support !