What is Pumpkin Jack ?

Medievil meets Jak & Daxter in Pumpkin Jack !

Pumpkin Jack is a single-player 3D platformer video game where you embody Jack, the mythical Pumpkin Lord.

Journey through a vast kingdom, fight monsters with your dazzling powers, and dive into an epic quest
for the right to your own life !


Dive into an intensive story in which you embody Jack, the spawn of Evil antihero.

Follow the will of the Devil himself and slay your nemesis in an epic quest that will take you on a journey in the Boredom Kingdom, a mythical realm shattered by the Curse.


The game makes you alternate between many gameplays such as platforms, battles and puzzles.

Each one has a wide variety of style that will define Jack’s journey within the realm.


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Venture into the enchanting world of Pumpking Jack and its otherworldly landscapes…

Travel through fascinating scenery full of colors in a cartoonish style borrowed from PS2-era games.

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Demo Pumpkin Jack

[DEMO] Pumpkin Jack DEMO is OUT & FREE !

You can download the DEMO by clicking right here! THE DEMO I have been working on Pumpkin Jack for 2 years as a solo-dev and it is now time to[…]

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About us

Nicolas Meyssonnier

Solo Dev

The man who does the project.

Arnaud Petit

Marketing Leader

The man who does the marketing, and carries the solo dev guy.

Click here to download the demo !